Managed and Unmanaged Server Definition

Managed server On Page-Zone servers and VPS (virtual private servers) running Linux Operating system where the customer has root access, we offer both managed and unmanaged service for these servers. On unmanaged, the customer is responsible for the day to day security and software mainenance concerns including installing, upgrading and uninstalling any software the server needs. Our duty on unmanaged servers is to make sure that the hardware is in good working order. 

On a managed server, we provide service as if you had an in-house system admin on staff. The additional cost of a managed server is about $35/mo. And includes up to two hours per month of service and this would be the typical or high end amount to time needed to keep everything up to date and secure as well as the occasional software install. Additional hours are available @ $20/hr.

*Admin service is not available for Windows based operating systems.

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