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cPanel SSL Warning


When visiting cPanel, or WHM you will notice an warning page. This is due to the fact that commercial SSL certificates are bound to a dedicated IP AND a domain name, and you are accessing cPanel through an IP address (e.g. https://SERVERIP:2083) or through your own domain which doesn't have a certificate installed. cPanels SSL certificate type is SELF SIGNED, which means that the information is still just as secure, but due to technical requirements there isn't a way to install a certificate from a public certificate vendor.


To enter cPanel you will need to ignore the warning that your browser is sending, and (optionaly) add the self signed certificate manually. The information is still sent encrypted from your browser to our server and it is much more secure than logging in through the non-secure port (2082), especially if your computer has a wireless connection on your local network.

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