About Us

Our history…

Danger: EXTREME BANDWIDTH IN USE!Open for business at the dawn of the Internet era – in January 1999 after a poor experience with our own outsourced web hosting provider, we knew we could do it better. Page-Zone has gone from providing a simple web hosting service for one city web site connected to the world out of a dial up modem, 100MHz, Packard Bell server to providing web hosting, dedicated servers, and colocation to customers worldwide. Now centrally located in a 38,000 square foot fully concrete hardened building at the network center of the United States.

Page-Zone can deliver network services to your Internet customers with unparalleled performance through rock solid systems Juniper Networks backed by a full multi-gigabit and sonet networks. Our network is strategically located near the Notre Dame campus in the American midwest which gives equal network performance to East, West and Southern United States and Canada. We utilize several carriers meshed together through BGP (border gateway protocol) and can deliver connectivity to almost every major network backbone in under 5 milliseconds!




Our data center features structural qualities very few other data centers provide. A full concrete hardened structure with 18′ to 24′ ceillings and over 38,000 square feet of data center space, can give you assurances that through any type of weather or physical impact that may happen our data center is built to last!


Keeping a data center cool is no small task, our data center has been designed with several layers of redundant cooling systems to ensure server systems maintain the proper air quality. The data center area is air conditioned by multiple N+1 units which are capable of sustained usage over long periods of time. The air quality of the data center is monitored, environmentally controlled and filtered which help keep the temperature at 70 degrees with 50% relative humidity.


In the event of a power failure your servers are backed up by an onsite diesel generator backup system. It is designed to provide emergency backup power in the event of a power failure and sustain the data center with power for the duration of a power failure. Our uninterruptible power supplies ensure power is conditioned and there are no interruptions of power. These systems are actively monitored and tested regularly to ensure maximum reliability for our data center customers.


Through 24 hour monitoring and motion sensing surveillance our onsite staff are able to keep close watch on all activities in and around the data center. Access to the data center is controlled through electronic locking devices and multiple control points. Our Employees are screened and background checks made to ensure your equipment is in good hands.


Our network is a mix of several very well known and reliable fiber providers. We currently utilize dark fiber-optic connections with Zayo, routed through Chicago, Illinois.

Additionally, we utilize Cogent out of Indianapolis, Indiana. At Page-Zone Web Hosting, we are continuing to build out our network for peering diversity. We will continue to provide our customers with the utmost network performance and reliability.

Page-Zone’s parent company, Unlimited Net, LLC, operates it’s own Autonomous System Network: AS11990.

Our IP Transit Providers

Cogent Communications           Zayo Group

Where are your servers located?

All of our servers are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. These servers are fully owned by Unlimited Net, LLC d/b/a Page-Zone Web Hosting. We are not a reseller of any other hosting company.