Required Name Server Update

We have several name server domains that will be discontinued at their time of expiration.  Below is a list of those domains.   It is very important that you update your name servers at your domain registrar immediately in order to keep your web sites online.   Please update your name servers to the following ... إقرأ المزيد »

29th May 2020
Page-Zone takes over Valledus Hosting Clients

Effective immediately, Page-Zone Web Hosting will now manage Valledus Hosting clients.  If you have a Valledus Hosting login, please login to our Page-Zone Web Hosting portal to manage your hosting services.  

Thank you!

Unlimited Net, LLC d/b/a Page-Zone Web Hosting

1st Nov 2016
Important Announcement: Network Relocation

On March 19, 2016, we will be moving our entire network operations from South Bend to Indianapolis to better support the growth for our clients' needs. We will be shutting down the infrastructure at 12:30am EDT (UTC -4). Our maintenance window is from 12:30am to 7:00am; however, we hope to have servers back online by 5:30am. Our new facility ... إقرأ المزيد »

9th Feb 2016
Important Information Regarding Security Certificates

Effective immediately, abby has a new security certificate.  Please use instead of for any configured hostname, especially if you are using SSL.  Effective Monday, December 29, 2014, we will be updating emma to  Please use instead of for any configured hostname, ... إقرأ المزيد »

21st Dec 2014
Server Migrations

Page-Zone Web Hosting will begin server migrations this week to new servers with better configurations and more processing power.  We will make best efforts to reduce downtime.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Thank you.

6th Aug 2014
Company Update

Effective Immediately: Page-Zone has been purchased by Unlimited Net, LLC in Columbus, Indiana.  Unlimited Net has been in the hosting business since 2004.  If you have any questions, please contact us directly by opening a ticket or emailing  Thank you for choosing Page-Zone!

10th Jul 2014
Introducing FREE SEO tools to optimize your website.

Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools by Attracta™To help our customers succeed online, we've included a powerful set of tools in your website control panel called "Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools." Clicking any of these icons will take you to your Free SEO Tools by Attracta, The World's Largest SEO Service.SEO is all about ... إقرأ المزيد »

27th Feb 2014
Get the Android and iPhone Apps for cPanel

2 Usefull cPanel apps can be installed on your Android phone:1st is a control panel which emulates a lot of what the regular control panel does through a computer. And the second, provided by the cPanel developer is kind of a file back up device. Control Panel for cPanel - is the first of its kind free native control panel that will allow you ... إقرأ المزيد »

20th Feb 2014