Setting up packages

Packages are limitations on resources an account is allowed to use. For example, you may specify how much disk space an account is allotted. These limitations are bundled and saved so that they can be applied to accounts later. This streamlines setting up new accounts, since you can sell predefined packages to your cPanel account holders or resellers.


  • Add a Package — This feature allows you to create a new package that can be applied to any account hosted by your server.


  • Delete a Package — This feature will remove existing packages from your server. You should exercise caution when deleting packages as they cannot be recovered; you will have to recreate them. You should also ensure that the package you are about to delete is not in use by any of the accounts hosted on your server. You will not be able to remove packages that are in use.


  • Edit a Package — This feature allows you to edit existing packages.


  • Feature Manager — This interface allows you to edit feature lists that can be assigned to accounts. These feature lists will allow users to, or bar users from, accessing particular cPanel features.

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