VPS Control Panel Features

The following partial list of main features are available from inside your VPS control panel:

Console Access - A Java based SSH screen from within your control panel. Alternatively you may use any SSH client to get command line access to your server.

Assign Main IP Address - This will completely rearrange your ipaddress configuration, with the main ipaddress as the first one. This is useful for programs that need certain ipaddress as the main one for the licenses to work properly. Please note that you have to restart your vps for this to work properly. Also, if you add another ip address, you will have to reset your main ipaddresses again.

File Manager - A browser based file manager for all files on your virtual hard drive.

Root Password - Change your VPS's root password through the online control panel.

Power Controls - Boot, rebboot, or shut down the VPS machine from within the control panel.

Traffic History - Shows incoming and outgoing traffic to your server. Sorted by month.

Port Monitor - Monitor specific port numbers on your server. User configurable, with history database.

Timezone - Set the timezone your server should operate under.

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